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Please browse our web-site. Entertain the possibility of outsourcing any or all of your hardware and software design needs to Medusa Programming. When you or your company are ready to learn more . . . . we welcome your call!

Not Just Programming!

When you need competent, qualified technical expertise and support, you need Medusa Programming!

Who calls on Medusa Programming?

Large companies
Small companies

Huge engineering departments
Tiny engineering departments
Companies with no engineering departments.

Firms with technical needs that parallel their areas of expertise
. . . and others with needs outside their area of expertise.

Design departments with short term overflow
. . . or long term projects that build and grow
. . . or projects that need acceleration to stay on schedule.

Who calls on Medusa Programming?
Companies looking for consultation: a perspective, an idea, a solution.

When you need technical expertise and support,
You need Medusa Programming!

Data acquisition, waveform generation, system control, …

Hardware Design & Services

Device control, real-time systems, error detection, Data Logging, ISP, ...

Embedded Firmware Programming

From communications to back-end processing, real-time control, ...

Windows Software Programming

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