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What does it take to design extraordinary hardware?

Is it experience? Technical awareness? The ability of an engineer to really listen? Maybe it's a function of time, budget, specialized equipment or qualified employees.

In reality, it takes all of these and more. Today, exceptional design calls for a multi-disciplined approach. Frequently, solutions combine hardware and software. What's more, they command knowledge of analog, digital, thermodynamics, ergonomics, systems integration, manufacturability, and testability (to name a few). And when all the technical bases seem to be covered . . . there are other concerns--time constraints, government regulations and of course, the ever-present scrutiny of the accounting department.

It is a fact:
Superior hardware designs require a very broad range of expertise-technical and otherwise. Find a company that recognizes this and you've found the potential for extraordinary hardware design.

Find a company that recognizes this, responds and delivers . . . . and you've found Medusa Programming!

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